Educator Materials
Twenty-four The Way to Happiness booklets are included with the Educator’s Resource Kit, allowing teachers to distribute them amongst their students.


The Educator’s Resource Kit provides powerful and effective tools for teaching the common sense principles of The Way to Happiness.

Through The Way to Happiness curriculum, youth learn how to apply the fundamental concepts of respect, decency and compassion.

While the Educator’s Guide is intended for teachers in public and private schools, it is also used by youth programs and community-based organizations.

The lesson plans incorporate the twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness and are designed for teens and young adults.

This curriculum provides a unique, nonjudgmental way to introduce concepts of right and wrong to youth, resulting in positive and productive choices.

The Educator’s Resource Kit includes:

A high-impact curriculum using an interactive approach with powerful audiovisual aids and practical activities that fully engage students. They are introduced to each precept through the public service announcements and then they view The Way to Happiness film: the complete and unabridged text of the book brought to life on film.
The Way to Happiness booklets for your classroom. Two bundles of twelve are provided. If your class has over twenty-four students, you can order up to two additional bundles for free.
Posters of The Way to Happiness precepts are used as an aid for the educator to reinforce each of the precepts their students learn about in class. In addition to being displayed in classrooms, the posters can also be shown in the cafeteria and in school hallways.  
Assessment tools are provided to help you track improvements and changes in your students’ attitudes and actions. Surveys and statistical measurements give you insight into what area you should be covering with your curriculum. Viewpoints of your students are surveyed before and after the program to indicate what changes in behavior and choices have been made.

Order The Way to Happiness Educator’s Resource Kit – free to teachers and community educators only.

If you are not an educator, request our free DVD and information kit, sign up for our online training program or read The Way to Happiness in its entirety online.